Frequently asked questions about our Central Coast auto repairs

Below are some questions that we are frequently asked about Automotive repairs. If you have any other queries or questions please feel free to contact us on 02 4329 3933.
(Q) Do I need to go to a dealer for new car servicing?
(A) No, we provide competitively priced servicing for all makes and models of new cars and only use genuine parts so as not to void your warranty.

(Q) Why should I get my brakes checked?
(A) Cars are just like us; they need to be looked after to keep you, your family and others safe on the road. We only use quality, market leading brake parts and can look after all brake repairs. Anything from brake pads and rotors changed; right up to full brake calliper rebuilds and upgrades.

(Q) When should I have an oil change?
(A) We recommend, as a general rule, that you should have an oil change every 10,000kms, but it's best to follow your vehicle manufacturers specifications with regard to this.

(Q) How often should I have my vehicles fuel filter replaced?
(A) At All Pro Automotive we recommend having your fuel filter replaced every 48,000kms or as specified by the manufacturer. This will ensure more efficient and dependable performance from your vehicle.

(Q) When should I have my tyres rotated?
(A) Many manufacturers will recommend that you should have your tyres rotated every 10,000kms. As part of your service we will check your tyres and advise you if they require rotating or even if you require new tyres.